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Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Back to MAC

Has anyone ever done the back to MAC program? I have to admit I never knew you could do this until about a week ago. I was wondering why all the boxes say back to MAC on them, so I googled it and found a page on MACs website which says that if you keep 6 empty containers and take them back to a MAC store (you can post them back in the US but not here) you can choose any free lipstick (but not limited editions like Viva Glam). Here is more in depth info -

It's a pretty good incentive. I have one empty so far :)


  1. Hiya, I have done back to mac so may times, as I have used their products for 6/7 years.
    But it's only recently I have worn lipsticks, I have literally never worn lipsticks until a few months ago, so I was always so cross that I HAD to chose a lippy.
    Now however I'd be over the moon, as I am now in LOVE with so many MAC lippies.. Must try emptying soem lipglosses so I can go and get a freebie ;)

  2. I know what you mean about lipstick, I never used to think it suited me either. I find if I put a bit on and then rub it into my lips with my fingers it looks so much nicer and more natural than if you just slick it on from the tube, that's not a good look for me!

  3. Yeah, it works like that.
    I have only finished one product by MAC up to now but it is a very good system.

  4. Hi there, guess what i'm from barnsley too :)
    I have used back to mac quite a few times as well its a great incentive. xx

  5. Here is a littl tip for you.
    With Eyeshadows these can be depotted into a Pro Pallett and then take the empties back to Mac for your free Lipstick
    Win Win :)

  6. @nicoletta hehe nice to see another Barnsley girl on here :) You've got a great blog, am now following & twitter too x

    @ShoppingAddict I never thought about that, I will have to give it a go. I'm about to order a pro pallett this week. Great blog too :) x

    @Ivania Thank you :) xx

  7. aww, thats such an awesome idea! wish I'd known before dumping all my empty products over the years :( guess it pays to read up on your favourite brands

    Lush do the same kinda thing with their face masks and it's always such a treat to get a free one :)