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Saturday, 2 October 2010

Yankee Candles - Halloween!

This month I am loving Yankee Candles! I got 2 Halloween themed one's for October from - I was really impressed with this shop, the order came really fast and you get rewards points for everything you buy too! (I think it's 2 points per £1)

The candles I got were Pumpkin Patch and Witches Brew. My favourite is Witches Brew it is scented with Patchoulli and really does make me think of a witches brew, it almost smells magical!

I'm going to buy some Christmassy one's once I've used these, I can't wait! :)

I've been watching the X Factor tonight while burning these and I was surprised at what happened with Cher at the judges houses, I wonder if she get's through tomorrow. What do you all think?


  1. Yay! I'm your first follower! I followed you because you are just starting out, just like me! And we've got to support each other, right? I love your blog already and I can't wait to read more from you :)

    P.S. You definitely made me want to buy some new candles, I'm going to have to try these ones :)

    - Devyn

  2. Hi Devyn! Thanks for following me, I'm super excited to have my first follower :) I'm glad you are enjoying my blog so far too.

    You mentioned you were just starting out too, I clicked on your name but it said I couldn't have access to your profile. Send me the link for your blog when it's ready and I'll be sure to follow you too. We definately should all support each other!

    Z x

  3. hi! I just found your blog and immediately suscribed. I like how real and down to earth your blog seems to be!

    I just started my own blog myself too:

  4. I loooove yankee candles, iv got the vanilla lime one in my living rooom! They last for ageeees! Your blog's cute! i've just started mine to! check it out!!

    love poppy xx

  5. I absolutely love Yankee Candles and I know this is totally sad but one of my favourite things about christmas is having the excuse to burn cinnamon scented candles pretty much all the time :)

  6. I get my Yankee candles from I've been very impressed with the range of offers they have had. Will have to give the scented candle shop a try now too ;o)x