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Sunday, 17 October 2010

My Gorgeous Babies!

This is nothing to do with beauty but I really wanted to do a post about my gorgeous kittys Dolly and Bo!
They are both British Shorthairs - Dolly a Blue Cream and Bo a Blue. People never understand that Dolly is the same breed as Bo because she's a varient. Apparently hundreds of years ago the BS nearly went extinct so they bred them with Persians. Even though it's not done now the persian still runs in the blood and every now and then you get a fluffy one! (This is what I was told anyway!)
Here they are, love them to bits


  1. i'm not much of a cat person but they're really really cute! awww.

    p.s. don't forget to enter me giveaway:D


  2. AWWWWWWW soooooooo cute! Ioveee them! My friend has the same cats except the cat with the longer hair is white! <3

  3. Thanks guys, they are beautiful but I am biased hehe! :) xxx

  4. awww, they're so adorable! I wish my two cats got along so well... we had george first then found oliver wandering around the streets one night. We've had them for almost 5 years and they still dislike each other :(

  5. Awww, yes that can sometimes happen when you introduce a cat later :( My two aren't from the same litter but they were only born a week apart so they have grown up together and are like brother and sister :) They still play fight though! xxx

  6. OMG! Beautiful kitties.. They are so gorgeous.
    I miss my cat so so much.,He was hit by a car 1 week before my baby Noah arrived and I was so emotional :( We couldn't get a new cat really as what with a new baby & a kitten = not good really.

    Yours are just so lovely x

  7. They're both adorable, but the fluffy one is AMAZING! <3

  8. I love blue cats so much: they are gorgeous!