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Monday, 18 October 2010

I'm a beautiful blogger & One Lovely Blog Winner!

Hey Ladies,
So on Sunday night I was sat trying to enjoy the last few hours of remaining freedom before Monday rolled round again when I got a lovely surprise! I went onto Twitter and saw I had received 2 blog awards from the lovely Behind the Shoes :) It made my night and I was over the moon to receive the following:

As part of receiving these awards I have to tell you 7 secrets/facts about myself and pass these awards onto 10 other lovely bloggers.

I'm not sure these are very interesting but here you go haha!

1. I almost died once, when I was really small (about 5 I think) I almost drowned at hemsworth water park and a man jumped in to save me!

2. I'm a big console gaming geek (when I get time!)...current favourites are Left 4 Dead and any kind of guitar hero/rock band game.

3. My favourite kind of music is rock/punk/metal music - bullet for my valentine, paramore, papa roach etc (hence my love of the above games!)

4. I have a strange finger (lol) my mum trapped my finger in the door when I was 1 and the end of my finger came off and my nail is now stuck to my finger so it's curled over. I hate it but I forget it's there 99% of the time. (I will spare you a picture unless any of you would particularly like to see!!)

5. I love to sniff any kind of catalog or magazine it's one of the best smells ever haha along with grapefruits, matches and fresh cut grass. Ooh I also like to sniff my cats fur, they smell nice!

6. I don't drink alcohol very often and I much prefer a cup of tea (as sad as that is!) My other favourite drink is a snowball they make me think of Christmas my fave time of year :)

7. I was an only child for most of my life (my mum had me really young at 15) and thought I always would be, but I now have a sister who is 4 and a little brother who is 1.
So, the lovely ladies I have decided to pass this award on to are:

Dainty Dolly Mix
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Well done girls! Make sure you all check these blogs out, they're great :)

Now you girls just need to do the same as above xxx

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  1. You managed it then ! Your 7 are interesting :)

    Rachelle Xxx

  2. Well done lovely! ♥

  3. Aww thanks honey :-x

    I love the facts about you :)

  4. Aww thanks love!
    I think i will struggle to come up with 7 facts though lol x

  5. Thanks so much! Love your facts! xx

  6. congratulations! i had fun reading your facts! :) xxx

  7. Congrats on the lovely awards! You for sure deserve it! Hope you had a lovely weekend!

  8. Congrats on the awards!
    loved readin your facts :)