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Sunday, 3 October 2010

Zinc to help acne

Evening everyone!

I just wanted to share a tip that I find helps me ALOT! For those of you who suffer with really bad skin like me I find that if I take Zinc vitamin tablets I really notice the difference in my skin and I get a lot less spots.
At the moment I'm just taking Tesco one's but my favourite type is the Holland & Barrett high strength one's.
Anyone else take Zinc and find that it helps your skin?


  1. Thanks for the tip, i would never have thought of taken Zinc to help with spots =) x

  2. I used Zinc paste (the same stuff you put into babys butt :P), and it worked really well.
    I can believe that zinc taken as pills would also work. Maybe I should try it out.

  3. Do you take the zinc orally or break it and apply it to your skin? I've seen some zinc masks that's why I'm wondering. Thanks in advance! :)

  4. Hi Diana, I just take it orally. It really does help me personally as when I've had a break and stopped taking them I notice I break out a lot more.

    I've never thought about applying it to my skin, maybe I should try that too! :)

    Z x

  5. Nice tip! I need to try it.
    Pleased to meet you,
    I am a new follower, cute blog you have here!

  6. I really like your blog! And yes zinc either way will help acne! I am new to the blogger community and also would like to invite you to see my beauty blog at
    Thanks and happy blogging!

  7. I just take a multivitamin but I'm gonna add zinc tablets to my shopping list. I've been taking clear complexion tablets from boots which dont seem to have made any difference whatsoever :(